Play To Earn

How to Play

To transform into kings and participate in the war for power, players must own at least ONE companion (PET) - This is a mandatory requirement. You can own PET through opening chests or buy directly on the LORD marketplace. There is no limit to the number of pets that each player can own. Overlord will be released on multiple platforms in the near future. It means that players can play anywhere, anytime.

How To Earn

There are 2 types of tokens used in the Overlord system: ● LORD token will be used in Web games (Farming and PvE-Fighting) ● OVL token will be used in Mobile game (PvP mode)

After owning PET, the player can join the fight immediately. Players can earn LORD token through Farming and Fighting. Besides, players can earn OVL tokens by completing in-game quests and challenges. Players will participate in dramatic battles with other players in order to complete the challenge. There are 3 game modes for players to fight: Solo, Survival and Deathmatch

When a quest or challenge is completed, players will receive experience, LORD tokens, OVL tokens and many other items. LORD tokens, OVL tokens and PETs are tradable on the LORD market.

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